How to do more with your loft and stop wasting space

The loft is the area of the house which is directly under the roof. It is like an attic or space which is not compartmentalized into rooms but is an open space. In most private homes, a loft is used as a storage room as it is the least frequented part of the house. However, if you are running out of space in your home, you can have loft conversion into a usable space by using your creativity and power of imagination. There are several things that need to be kept under consideration while redesigning your loft to an apartment which can either be used by you or put on rent.

The first and foremost aspect that you need to consider is to utilize the space wisely. Lofts are not a very large space where you can take the liberty of not paying proper attention to the utilization of the space. Rather, each and every furniture and objects that you use in the conversion of loft to a usable space must be aimed towards space-saving and utilization.

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You can opt for loft conversion London into a study, bedroom, store-room or a studio apartment. The level of comfort that you feel staying in a converted loft depends on how wisely you have placed everything in the loft and what measures have you taken for the space utilization. When you are starting out to convert the loft, you need to make a checklist of everything that you will require in the room. Only then you can pick and choose between the types of furniture that you use.

Also, you must also pinpoint those structures which need to be removed to bring up more space. Extra ceilings and shelves which are not required must be removed from the loft as they take a lot of space with remains unutilized. You must look into all these aspects of loft conversion before actually starting to do it. Doing the conversion on your own is not a very difficult proposition.

Some of the aspects of loft conversion those are required to be given a check

As long as the volume of the building is not increasing, you do not need to seek any kind of permission from the concerned authority. You must also ensure that you are not going to construct any structure on the top of the roof. It is, however, safe to confirm this from the local authority. You also need to examine the structure of the roof, to assess whether any loft conversion is possible. For instance, if the vacant point on the loft which is the tallest measures less than 7.5 feet, it is difficult to convert the loft.

The next thing about the roof that you must check is the support pillars. If it is a rafter roof, you will have to arrange for the extra support so that the roof is able to withstand the increased weight. If you have a truss roof, the loft conversion London becomes even easier.

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The staircase also needs special attention. When you are converting your loft, you need to find a room for the staircase. Your loft must be accessible with a sturdy staircase and not a temporary one. The makeshift ladders to the loft may be a violation of the building regulations. Moreover, if you wish to use the converted loft space for commercial purposes, a permanent staircase becomes a compulsion. A robust and safe staircase is anyway needed for your safety.

Everyone must have heard of a warehouse turned loft apartments. These converted loft apartments can be of great commercial and residential importance if constructed well. You can also use this space to spend some time with yourself or with your loved ones. As space is just under the roof and exposed to sun and wind, you must arrange to insulate the space well to keep the ambience of the place comfortable for staying. If space is done well and cosy to stay, you can get a good amount of rent for it. You need to first decide whether you are doing loft conversion for your own purpose or for commercial purposes.

How to utilise maximum space during the loft conversion to spaces of our choice?

While making loft conversion to a usable space like a bedroom or study room, the challenge to utilize the space is a big challenge. You cannot increase the space, but at the same time cannot also compromise with the beauty and comfort of the newly created space. These challenges can be met if we use our imaginative skills and arrange our furniture and other decorative objects in the way so as to blend the beauty with storage. To accomplish it you need to be careful in choosing the furniture that you keep in the loft area and various other items that would be here to increase the utility of the place.

You cannot think of making a space for living without furniture. The bare minimum number of furniture that has to be there are beds, chairs, sofa, table and a few others. If you wish to beautify the space, you would require even more furniture. Unfortunately, the space available in the loft may not be sufficient to accommodate all of them. The best way to solve this problem is to use such furniture which doubles up as storage. An example of one such type of furniture is Ottoman furniture.

You can store a lot of things in the spaces provided in this kind of furniture. You can place those things which are supposed to be hidden inside them. A sofa bed is another example of such furniture. A sofa can double as a bed when you need to sleep in the loft. If you are placing a bed in the area, look for beds that have internal compartments in them. It will provide you with an incredible amount of space.

Addition of a second-level:

You can think of adding an additional level if you have the scope. The mezzanine level can be added to the loft area. The area below this level can be used as the bedroom. Also, get rid of any extra ceilings to increase the area of the loft and the area, thus created can be used for any purpose you like.

Utilisation of outdoor space

If you have an outer space in the loft, it can be utilized too. The loft if it opens on a flat floor, you are quite lucky. The outer space must be done beautifully and if possible arrangements of sitting must be done there. You just need to put a shade and some chairs. To make the place beautiful, you can place some flower pots in the area. The presence of extra space outside the loft will give a feeling of extended space. You can also use this outer space as a full-fledged garden and at times indulge in Alfresco dinner. If you have little space, you can use it for a balcony.


As the loft is just beneath the roof, it is most likely to be exposed to direct sun and wind. In the days of summer, it can get utterly uncomfortable due to the heat. In the winters, the chilly winds can make things worse. However, if the windows are properly insulated, the heat will be repelled and the room will stay cool and comfortable. Heat reflective windows can also be used to ward off the sunlight. Window coverings are also available which insulate the room from unwanted heat. On the rooftop too, you can add insulating layers so that direct sun rays do not heat up the room too much.


Whether you are doing loft conversion for personal purpose or putting on rent, you would definitely want to deck up space. It is recommended that the items that you use for decoration do not eat up space, rather utilize it. Modern furniture is space friendly and hence, you must prefer them. However, you must not overdo things as far as decoration is concerned.

Loft conversion North London

Are of several types and you can transform your loft to so many spaces like bedroom, studio apartment, study. What you can make out of your depends on factors like space, your creativity and ability to utilise the space without compromising on the beauty of the space. The area can be used as a getaway from activities that keep you engrossed in the house and slip into tranquillity. If you wish to utilise the space for commercial purposes, converted lofts have a good value proposition.

Families or individuals can take space on rent. You will be able to earn from a space that was lying ideally. With DIY support available online, you can also consider converting the loft on your own. The tips provided here will also work as a reference point for you. To ensure that the entire process is hassle-free, you can also consult the experts if you do not want to do it on your own owing to lack of time and interest.

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